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consultant iconConsultantX

ConsultantX is a full featured SCADA application for MacOSX 10.3 and later

What is SCADA

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used in industrial, mining and civil engineering applications to control distributed systems from a master location. SCADA is a very broad umbrella that describes solutions such as monitoring a remote water pumping facility so you can see the motor amps and pump flow rate on the screen of your Mac.

With ConsultantX you can:-

* Draw mimics of your process so you can view your process in real time.

* Trend the value of a sensor and then view this data in powerful on screen trends or graphs.

* Use Applescript with ConsultantX to trigger events.

* Generate web based monitoring and reports.

ConsultantX is a powerful industrial SCADA application, but its ease of use makes it suited to monitoring and controlling a home or backyard garden.

ConsultantX is a totally new version written to take full advantage for MacOSX. It uses the same time proven code used in Consultant for MacOS9.

Download ConsultantX Demo

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consultant iconABGateway

ABGateway is a communications interface to the world of Allen-Bradley PLCs for the Macintosh.

ABGateway can communicate with the following Allen-Bradley PLCs

* PLC5 Family

* SLC 500 Family

* Control Logix

ABGateway can access any data table in the memory of these PLCs. It is not designed to access the program files or edit the program files.

ABGateway can use the following interfaces to communicate to the Allen-Bradley PLCs

* Serial DF1 full Duplex ----- A USB to serial converter is required

* Ethernet Direct to PLCs with an Ethernet port

* Ethernet to a pyramid integrator then to a data highway Plus network of PLCs

* Ethernet to a Control Logix Gateway then to a data highway Plus network of PLCs

* Ethernet to a Control Logix rack and then access tags directly

Once ABGateway is configured to talk to your PLCs you can:-

* View data table values with the inbuilt data table monitor.

* Use applescript to read and write values from PLC data tables. You can for example read some data table values and put them into an Excel spreadsheet for display or reporting.

* Use your own application to access the PLC data tables.

* Use Consultant ---- Control Plus SCADA program for the Macintosh.

Who needs ABGateway?

Anyone who would like to read values from an Allen-Bradley PLC and would like to do it on Mac OSX.

Download ABGateway Demo (1Mb)

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iVCR iconiVCR

Create a sequence of quicktime movies from a webcam.

Using iVCR is easy, just enter the URL of the webcam image and click "Record".

iVCR will start making a series of quicktime movies.

Download iVCR Demo

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