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ConsultantX is a full featured SCADA application for MacOSX 10.6 and later

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used in industrial, mining and civil engineering applications to control distributed systems from a master location. SCADA is a very broad umbrella that describes solutions such as monitoring a remote water pumping facility so you can see the motor amps and pump flow rate on the screen of your Mac.

With ConsultantX you can:-

  • Draw mimics of your process so you can view your process in real time.
  • Trend the value of a sensor and then view this data in powerful on screen trends or graphs.
  • Use Applescript with ConsultantX to trigger events.
  • Generate web based monitoring and reports.

ConsultantX is a powerful industrial SCADA application, but its ease of use makes it suited to monitoring and controlling a home or small business.

Thermal Inclinometer

Measure angles accurately in the harshest of environments

The Control Plus inclinometer is a microprocessor controlled, dual axis, smart inclinometer. The angle sensing element is based on thermal convection and as such has no moving parts, is highly accurate and immune to electromagnetic noise. The 32bit microprocessor includes advanced Kalman filters to provide a stable signal for your application. The angular signal is available via serial RS232 communication or the 0-10 volt signal.